Faux Painting

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The dramatic effect of faux painting can create texture, depth, and add a splash of color to any room in your home. Worth Decorating LLC's professional faux painting services are affordable and our painters get the job done quickly and efficiently. We offer a wide variety of faux painting techniques and faux finishes that can help you achieve a specific look for your space.

Faux Painting Techniques Add Depth & Texture

  • Venetian plaster
  • Sponge painting
  • Color washing
  • Ragging
  • Rag rolling
  • Crackle painting

Faux Finishes Can Imitate Specific Surfaces

  • Leather faux finish
  • Marble faux finish
  • Suede faux finish
  • Silk faux finish

Whether you are looking to give a your den or family room a unique and rustic feel, or you are looking for creative ways to liven up a child’s bedroom, Worth Decorating LLC can help design the right professional painting solution for you. Request a bid for faux painting today!

Let Worth Decorating LLC manage every aspect of your home faux painting project. Our professional team starts by completing all the necessary preparations, including a free color consultation by one of our paint specialists. Contact Worth Decorating LLC today to discuss what faux painting can do for your home.

Faux Painting Defined

Faux is a word with French origins that originally meant “false” or “fake.” There is nothing false or fake about residential faux painting. Faux finishing or painting has come to mean a free treatment of colors, form and materials in a decorative manner. The only “faux” part of this fine art is that the result of the specialized use of coatings materials leaves a finished product that often resembles other materials; leather, suede, marble, stone, plaster and a host others.

The fine art of residential faux painting and finishing is developed only by experience in working with the various media; acrylic architectural coatings, Venetian plasters, stains and crackle paints. The application techniques range from; sponging, color-washing, ragging, using specialized rollers, knockdowns, troweling and burnishing. The initial coatings materials may be sprayed, rolled or troweled onto the substrate, then “worked” with a variety of tools to achieve the desired look. Trowels, rakes, patterned rollers and other implements are used to produce a three-dimensional look or a smooth, high-gloss, flat surface.

Materials and Techniques

Venetian plaster is a material that often uses ground Italian marble in a plaster. This is applied and laboriously troweled smooth and burnished until the substrate is as perfect as the human eye can measure. The plaster material often has a partially blended mix of colors so that the end result resembles actual mottled marble. The effect is beautiful, but requires a high degree of expertise to achieve. Venetian plaster is often used in alcoves or on an accent wall in a room, providing a decorative contrast to the other finishes in the rooms.

Other techniques in residential faux painting are to apply accent colors onto the cured wall coating. The colors may be in the form of stains or other colorants and are often ragged-on-wiped-off, sponged on in an irregular pattern, applied with a specialized roller or worked into the surface with other tools. The resulting finish is an attractive, random mix of colors and textures.

Textured architectural coatings, often called “knockdowns” in the industry, have evolved from drywall joint compound, splattered, troweled and top coated, to acrylic two-part products. These coatings may be done in single or multiple colors and closely approximate the look of flocked wallpaper or stucco.

Worth Decorating LLC is the Phoenix area specialist in all types of residential faux finishing. Our highly trained and experienced crews are dispatched from our central location to all points in the Greater Phoenix Metro Area, including: Flagstaff and Sedona. Our professional staff is available to assist homeowners with all aspects of a residential faux finishing projects; material and color selection, design and budgeting. Our project managers assure a smooth, timely flow of the projects and job completion within budgetary constraints. It really costs no more to hire the very best.