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Warm up your home interior or add dimension to a room. Worth Decorating LLCs professional wallpaper hangers can install anything from a vinyl, to a grass cloth, to a full length wall mural. We can also mount every wall covering imaginable.

Wallpaper removal can be an arduous and time-consuming task.Skip the hassle and headache of trying to remove or install your wallpaper new and rely on us.Worth Decorating LLC removes old wallpaper quickly and cost-efficiently with our professional team.

Give Your Interior Space a Dramatic New Look

We are skilled in the latest preparation, installation and removal techniques and methods. Let our experts at Worth Decorating LLC transform your residential space.We have a large selection of various styles and color palettes for you to choose from.Add a distinctive and elegant touch to your home with wallpaper from Worth Decorating LLC.

Worth Decorating LLC services the following cities and surrounding areas: Phoenix, Scottsdale, Cave Creek, Carefree, Sedona and Flagstaff.

The History of Wallpaper

Residential wallpaper and wall coverings were an innovation in the Middle Ages to brighten the stark, bare walls of most homes. The wealthy aristocracy was prone to hang heavy tapestries to both insulate and beautify the cold stone walls of castles and manor houses. The less financially gifted took to hanging decorated paper on their walls to emulate the rich.

Early developments in printing wallpaper came about in both England and France, resulting in standardized patterns and sizes of rolls. Hanging wallpaper became a fine art; matching the patterns and minimizing the cut-off-waste from the rolls, and soon a Guild of Paperhangers was established in Europe.

Many types of wall coverings materials were developed, some of which are still used today. Before printing, hand painted paper was the norm, often featuring nature scenes, landscapes, historic events and mosaics, some of which were huge. Today, photography art is sometimes used for wallpaper murals so realistic that a viewer can think they are looking through a window into a garden or park. Silk, rice paper, grass paper, metallic paper and other patterned mediums have been used at times, but today the predominant wallpaper isn’t actually paper, but vinyl. Vinyl wallpaper is durable and easy to work with.

Professionally Hung Wallpaper

Wall coverings are best hung by professionals who know how to prepare the substrate for their application. The walls should be smooth, level and free of any contaminants in order to assure proper bonding. In addition, there are areas of a house not suitable for wallpaper like bathrooms where airborne moisture from bathing can loosen or damage the adhesion and paper. Kitchens and laundry rooms, where there may be a concentration of heat and moisture, will probably require special preparation before applying any wall coverings.

Worth Decorating LLC is the choice of many residential contractors and homeowners in our trade area. Our skilled craftsmen have the expertise to remove old wallpaper, prepare the surface and hang the new paper with a minimum of fuss and bother. We have the experience with all types of wall coverings materials and application techniques. Our well equipped crews have the tools to make the job go smoother and faster.

Our consultants are available to assist with the selection of materials, designs and the development of a budget for any project. Our project superintendents will assure the project owner of a successfully completed job with minimal disruption to their home life. It really costs no more to hire the very best.